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Being an Oxford graduate has numerous benefits for unique hardware, besides having attended and received a degree from one of the most prestigious universities in England. Having graduated from a top university such as Oxford, it will open many doors for you, creating lots of great opportunities in terms of job prospects and careers. It just shows you have what it takes to make it into a high profiles place such as Oxford, and you know how to handle things like time management under strict deadlines.


If you have studied Psychology or have an interest in it, then you’ll know why it’s such a fascinating subject; studying how the human mind works based on a series of emotions, feelings and visual and physical stimuli. By stimuli, it can be anything; from everything you see from a tv advert, what you hear on the radio, or even from someone you see and their expression or an animal’s reaction to you. For example a cat would likely come upto you and brush it’s face against you, and you might want to stroke it. It’s everything and anything about how things in the world around you, can affect you in different ways for different reasons.


Which brings us to Associative Sequence Learning (ASL); explaining how humans (such as adult and children) and animals imitate body movements and why, which are controlled by mirror neurons in the brain. For instance children tend to learn mostly by imitation adults, and the same probably goes for baby animals too. They learn by example, and as adults, sometimes we do too because it might be the best way to learn something.


Now psychopathology refers to mental distress, abnormal/maladaptive behavior, and mental illness, as mental illness and psychological impairment might be an indication of manifestation of behavior and experiences. Psychopathology is also be where a branch of medicines is developed to deal with the causes and even the processes of mental disorders and illnesses. A mental illness can be anything from schizophrenia, depression, bipolar (can be severe or mild mood swings alternating between elevated, irritable and depression and the change is often abrupt) are just a few of the known mental illnesses. It can be brought on by things like childbirth, or a very traumatic event such as the loss of a loved one, or something which is extremely stressful and difficult. Sometimes the causes are out of our control, and sometimes there isn’t much to be done to prevent it happening.


For things like bipolar, it can be hereditary, for instance if a family member already has bipolar. But don’t worry, there are lots of doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and other health professionals to help you or those who have been affected by a mental illness, and there are lots of medicines available to help you to cope.

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